May 6, 2015 News

After a long delay, I have finally learned to update the website and it is now nearly up-to-date. You will notice a few things:

1) After years of wonderful work in the lab, Marella has moved to the sunnier climes of Texas with her husband Mike Latham who has a faculty position at Texas Tech.

2) Marie-Claude has made the jump from bench work to science funding. She is working for Mitacs, an organization that builds partnerships between academia and industry.

3) We have new arrivals! Nicole Hustedt is a new postdoc who joins us from the FMI in Basel. Nicole worked under the supervision of Susan Gasser on checkpoint signaling in yeast. We also welcomed (a while back!) Michal Zimmermann, a postdoc who trained with Titia de Lange at Rockefeller University (NYC) and Ctirad Hofr at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic). Finally, Andrea McEwan joins us as a Research Technician. Andrea recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver where she completed her M.Sc.

4) We have two summer students this year: Alexandra Hohnen who is studying in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Mike Ostrovski who is studying at U of T.

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