November 29, 2015 Uncategorized

This is another overdue update! In terms of news, we were sad to have a few members of the lab leave in the past few months. However, I was particularly excited to see Amélie start her own group in Québec City. You can visit her lab website here . Another member of the lab is currently negotiating offers to start a lab so follow this page to get updates in the near future!

The Durocher lab family has expanded significantly this year with the birth of 3 babies from current or past lab members! Those were wonderful news to all and congrats to the proud parents!

Salomé Adam has recently joined us from Paris where she did a Ph.D. in the labs of Geneviève Almouzni and Sophie Polo. Nathalie Moatti is also re-joining us after a couple of years travelling the world and working in the lab of Jacqueline Jacobs at the NKI. Welcome to both of you!

Finally, we have a few exciting papers accepted recently so watch the Publications page update in a few weeks!


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